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Since February 2015 -


- Establishment of a knowledge industry center in Songdo Smart Valley
- Manufacture of bio-plastic containers to which biodegradable resin (PLA) is applied

- Registered a patent for a method of manufacturing natural burials and an enshrinement box for pets using biodegradable resin (PLA)
- development of various bioplastic properties, completion of production of specimens and prototypes


Since April 2016~


- Self-development, design and shopping mall construction for baby products, tableware, toys, etc.
- Female business certification
- Establishment of corporate research institute

- Cosmetics and medical products (raw materials) export advice & consulting

- 2016 Introduction of nano cellulose raw materials: Nano PLA R&D, completion of new material properties
- R&D of reinforced plastics for nano PLA cutting board

- Antibacterial PLA nonwoven fabric: Development of antibacterial PLA mask for medical use and prevention of fine dust
- Development of nano-bio cosmetics and production of finished products
- Development and production of temporary dental raw materials for medical use

- Development of low-temperature molding PLA casts and bandages (Completion of permission for grade 1 plaster replacement medical device)


Since 2018~2020


- Biodegradable straw physical property development and finished product development completion, 3 patents registered

- We are supplying products by receiving orders from EDIYA headquarters and 500 stores (Development of disposable items such as tumbler and ice cup)
- Development of 100% biodegradable PLA raw material, development of blow molding (cosmetic container) and completion of delivery
- Establishment of mass production facility and relocation of factory in Namdong Industrial Complex

- We have established a corporation in HK Biotech in the US and are in the process of establishing a factory with (Texas) & San Angelo city - One international patent PCT is pending.