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We aim to provide well-being to people around the world through the globalization of “Nano PLA Polymer”, a natural vegetable plastic made using new technologies suitable for new materials.


DOWONBIOTECH possesses excellent technology and product capabilities, and is promoting business in the global market with the aim of becoming a market leader in the field of eco-friendly materials.
We mainly make and sell eco-friendly products, baby products, and biodegradable disposable products.


The way we eat well and live well is to think about the environment and live together,

Our goal is to protect the global environment through dying naturally and returning back to nature just like being born.

It is not to entrust the process to others, but to think about the environment and prepare in advance with the environment.


DOWONBIOTECH continues to try to commercialize ideas gradually.

We will not only make life comfortable with eco-friendly products, but also constantly dream to make people on the Earth happy.